What to do ? I'm so screwed up


Well like the title says i'm pretty much screwed. My goals my Aspirations the need the want is in reach but it feels tremendously too far away. Maybe I can get some help here. Basically what has happened to me has been a lot of mistakes in a short period of time. It's not that I failed out of nursing school or got into trouble with the law its basically financial and frustration and stupidity.

I should start from the beginning. Well to be honest I think it all stems down from being in a bit of a hurry or a standstill because my family at the time was in the process of selling our house and this was back in '06. So it's December we finally fond a buyer and 2 weeks later we were gone to NC. Now at the same time I had a scholarship to Iona college and if I didn't attend in January I would have lost that. So feeling under pressure I went and I got put with the Worst room mate you could ever think of. He drank till 5:30am every night and it eventually caused me to fail everything. I got suspended from the school for a year and what's even worse is my tuition was still due about 14K with financial aid and without it is was 17K. I'm ashamed of myself for letting that happen. Now I got home and we eventually had to put my grandma in a nursing home and with that came me going to see her twice a week taking my dad to see his mom. Now don't get me wrong I have no problem doing it and it helped me getaway so to say and see her but it didn't allow me to get a job because whenever he went was always a different day. A year later she succumbed to her illnesses of High blood pressure, Diabetes, Leukemia, Dementia and a few others I believe but she finally looked like she was in peace.

So, the problem that I have is that I can't get my transcript even though unfortunately its horrendous and I don't want it to be see even though regardless of it I would have to start from scratch. I really don't know who to turn to where to go how to get help to pay that tuition bill that I have so I can get my transcript. I wish a lot that I never went so I would be able to do what I want A LOT easier. And in this economy who is going to give you a loan ? which makes everything else so much more worse and only compounds the problem. Any help would be Greatly appreciated And I know this probably isn't in the right place so if anything move it to the right place. And to add that i'm currently in NC but im desperately wanting to move back home to nyc. I even have a job waiting for me there when I graduate...IF I can :(



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If you can't get a federal loan you can try sallie mae. They will probably give you one, but you will probably need some to cosign with you.


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Sorry for your dilemna and the passing of your grandmother. Do know that this storm will pass. In regards to your financial situation, definitely take out a private loan and forget about the dreadful experience at Iona. Whatever you do keep focused and do not allow anyone or anything steal your joy.

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I assume you must have been nearly done? Almost about to graduate? Because if you only want your transcripts for a few classes, I (if you were me) would just start all over. This may be bad advice, but that is what I would do. I would ignore the bill (for now) or try to make some sort of small payment arrangement, and move on to another school. Once you graduate and are making decent money-then contact the school and make arrangements to pay it.

If you use Sallie Mae, please beware-they are NOT helpful AT ALL if you need to defer a payment, etc. My little payment is $30 a month, and I was out of work after I had my son so I called them and said I couldn't pay for 3 months, I had to pay $50 to apply for a forbearance, I told them that was ridiculous seeing my payment was less than that!

Good Luck to you.


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Sorry for your loss. Here's my $ .02: I don't think that getting into more debt would be a good idea at this point. It's better to drop out (temporarily, don't have to give up) & find a full-time job to help pay down the tuiton debt, so you won't have a blemish on your financial record (if you default on your loans, you will have a much tougher time getting future loans, even a car loan, so be careful). Be sure to pay off your current loan first--just pay it off & let it be a distant memory. If you can, try to find a job in the healthfield or a place that will pay a certain amount of your tuition (employers generally don't pay the old loans). You could go for training as a certifed nursing aide to get your foot in the door. As someone else suggested, start over if possible. It's not worth hanging on to 2 classes, for instance, if the grades are C's or less. Some colleges award you free scholarship money (partial or full) depending on how high your GPA is. Scholarships usually require a high gpa as well. It's a good idea to look into free sources of money, such as the ones I just mentioned, that you never have to repay (unless you fail or drop out). Also, fill out a FAFSA as early as possible and apply for federal stafford loans, which offer the best deals & low interest. They also let you pay them back 6 months after graduation or leaving the school. Private loans should be your last tapped resource because you can accrue a large amount of debt with high interest very quickly. CUNY & SUNY colleges are the cheapest, but also the toughest to get into since they get flooded with nursing applicants due to their low tuition. Another idea is that when you're ready to re-enroll in school, you might want to consider renting an apartment on your own, so no roommate will bother you, & you can study in peace. I hope things work out for you. Don't give up! Good luck to you.

Well first of all know that this too will pass, second, I believe like all colleges in the south that are SACS accredited will require a transcript this is not the case up north. I would first read through my schorlarship to make sure this bill is correct, that is a tremendous amount of money. also you can then see if Ioan has online courses, or you can make payment arrangements with them. If you only was doing general education classes and no nursing classes, you could always, take a online course to complete these classes, and then you will be able to get FA. (Pell grants, and student loans) while working on your schooling. You could take the funds you have left over and make payments to the other school. Also sometimes schools will not release your transcript but they will let you take classes without receiving FA. check it out, if this is the case, you could look in a school like riosalado.edu they are fully accredited and your credits will transfer to any SACS, CUNY, SUNY school. I happen to know this because that is what I am doing. I live in GA and I am thinking about moving back north but I am doing all my prereqs online with them and it is truely a blessing. Also the school will even allow you to take classes at a local college as a non matriculated student and package it into your FA allowing you to go fulltime.

Go luck to you dont worry you may not see it now but you will make it through

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