What am I doing wrong?


Hi everyone,

I have been trying to advance my career in LTC. I have been a shift supervisor for 7 years. All those years have been at the same facility. I was offered DON at this facility last year, but chickened out. I am considered a shift supervisor because I am the only nurse in the building, we are very small. Technically, I am not supervising other nurses, just aids. I am as high as I can go at my facility with out being a DON or MDS.

So... I have applied at several other facilities for Shift Supervisor and ADON positions. I never hear back from them. Yet, I am still seeing the positions posted. I am not sure what I am saying or not saying on my resume that is turning them off. I am happy I have a job at all, but I would really like to try something new. Any ideas how I can make myself more marketable? I am very honest about my skills and experience, but maybe it isn't enough.

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Personally, I do a bit of research about my interviewees...I like to know their mission statement and a bit of their history when I go in...

I try to ask them questions about the immediate goals for the position during my interview...when it comes time to wrap up, I try to summarize why I am the best candidate for them and include how or why I am prepared to meet the goals they previously outlined.

I am determined to appear confident even when I am nervous enough to nearly vomit. I am even more determined to be myself. I am a people person and so I let that fly...what they see is what they get...no point in trying to pretend I am serious and stuffy.



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That makes sense...maybe I am being to broad.



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"i am determined to appear confident even when i am nervous enough to nearly vomit. i am even more determined to be myself."...

well said.