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Hello everyone,

I am a LPN. I finished school last year and got my license in November. I applied at what seemed like hundreds of places. No responses to anything. I eventually found a position at a Dr office, which I took because I needed a job. I have been there since January. I really like everyone I work with but the job just isnt for me. I am basically a secretary. I know I have "LPN" behind my name, but my job title is MA. I have nothing against MA's, I was going to do that before I decided on LPN. I just feel that I worked my butt off to get that title. The MA's there do NO hands on. Its all computer work and phone calls. Not my cup of tea lol. Plus I am only making 15.00, I have a mortgage, school loans, car payments and need to make more. It isnt all about money, and I don't it to come off that way. I just think someone with a license should be doing more than what I do and making more. There are girls there that are "MA's" but never went to school for it and cannot even take BP's, and are doing the same thing I am doing. I was kind of mislead when I applied for this job and thought it would be much more hands on.

I now have the opportunity to work as a telehealth nurse for a great company. I have several friends who I was in nursing school with that work there and love it. Plus I would actually be an LPN. The hours are flexible and would be better for me going back to get my RN. Anyone ever work telehealth? Just trying to go through the pros and cons of both.

Thanks for listening to my rant! ;)

I have never worked for telehealth, but it sounds to me like you should take the opportunity. Being a new nurse, I'm sure you want to practice some of your skills, and build up your confidence before you work a job like the one you have now. You didn't indicate where you live, but $15/hour for a new nurse may not be all that bad, especially if you are in an MA position. I'm an LPN with over a year of experience, and I make the same as you:rolleyes:

I am in Ohio. From what others say 15.00 is on the low side for this area, I'm grateful I have a fulltime job but like you said I want to explore different areas and gain all the experience I can. They trick you in school by saying that employers will be fighting over you once you are licensed...ha!! I'm hoping once I have at least a year under my belt that will make me more desirable to employers. :)

Take the telehealth position.

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At my company telehealth nursing is pretty much the same as you are doing. Monitoring input from a patients home vitals machine. If the vitals are abnormal you call and ask if they are ok and need assistance.

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I think if you want to change, and this is an opportunity, you should take it.

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