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Need Help....i'm in my last semester and precepting in the er-night shift. I think I like the the ER but I currenlt work on a Surgical floor and even though I don't want to do surgical floor nursing forever...I have a really good nurse manager that is really good to us. I have heard horror stories about the er manager. Also even though I'm precepting on night shift and it isn't to bad I don't know if I would want to work nights all the time and I haven't worked a dayshift in the ER even though there is dayshifts open the ER ... I guess I'm just comfortable on my floor and scared to make anychange.....I don't know what to do....any advice?


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Change can be scary. I would make a list and weigh the pros against the cons. Can you talk to some er nurses and get an idea of exactly how bad the manager is and how they feel about working there. On the other hand since you are in a comfort zone, it could benefit you with a year of med-surgical experience. Unfortunately we cannot make this decision for you, you have to make the final decision. I work in ccu and when I started here I was told our director was a dragon lady with no heart. I never had a problem with her, she is a by the books gal strictly but will bend if the situation calls for it.


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I forgot to mention....I'm also a lpn and have worked on the floor 2 years...


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Throw caution to the wind and jump in with both feet.

Don't listen to gossip, try and clear your mind of that and make your own judgements about her when you get there, as I'm sure you'd want her to do with you :)

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