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What I saw on the NCLEX on 7/19

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Just took the nclex. Thought I would share what I encountered. Maybe it will help folks who are soon to test.

-No math. Never even used the calculator.

-Very little pharm, OB and peds.

-TONS of prioritizing/delegation-type questions. I would say over 1/2 of my 75 questions were of this type.

-No new format questions.

-Some psych/developmental material.

Found out yesterday that I PASSED! :)

My advice for those about to test:

-RELAX as much as possible.

-Do something active and fun the day before. I went on a long hike and chilled out at a beautiful lake for a while. I wanted to try to tire myself out a bit so I would increase my chances of actually sleeping the night before the exam.

-Read the questions and answers carefully. It seemed like this exam tested reading comprehension as much as nursing knowledge.

-Have all the logistical bs taken care of well in advance. Take a drive to the testing center, time it, and make sure the directions are correct. This can eliminate lots of potential stress just before the exam. Be at the testing center early. Extra time might help out in the event of unforseen complications, traffic, construction, etc.. The day i tested, the testing center was having problems with their camera. Being early somehow made this seem less stressful.

-Most of the following is common sense stuff: Make sure you have your ATT & identification, etc, set aside the night before. Eat a solid breakfast, and bring a drink and snack with you. (you cant take them into the exam obviously, but i find that I get hungry the second I leave my house, and its good to have some energy food while I'm waiting around before an exam)

Thats all for now. Hope it helps. Good luck everyone!

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