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i am having trouble debating on whether or not i want to go take my lpn then take my rn after i am done having children or just go directly for my rn.... what do you have to do to become an rn? like classes and such. can you become an rn through a votech school or just a collage? how long does the rn program take for a full time student? i would appreciate any info i can get. thanks

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It all depends on where you want to go to college. We don't have VoTech schools anywhere near where I live but do have community colleges so I looked at their information on-line. Where I am going to school students need to take college level writing and algebra class, speech, critical thinking, research writing, 2 psych classes, 1 years of anatomy and physiology (biology or chemistry is a pre-req for A&P), microbiology, nutrition, 4 elective classes in certain categories, CPR for professional rescuers, CNA class. That takes most student nearly 2 years to complete. And to get your RN, the sciences and math can't be more that 5 year old so that would preclude getting and LPN and then coming back for the RN bridge after having a family (you'd have to take the sciences and math all over again). Then, when you get all As and Bs in those classes (actually I would shoot for all As) you apply to the nursing school at the college and submit and essay. You get points for how well you did in your core classes and for your essay. Those 48 with the most points get admitted to nursing school which is another 2 years of nearly full-time schooling.

That's just my school and other schools have different methods of taking nursing students and pre-requisites that are required. Look up the information about nursing at the colleges close to where you live.


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Im going for my LPN first at my community college, then later get my RN. I wanna go ahead and get my foot in the door and start working.

The pre-req's for my community college you have to have ENG comp 111, pysch, A&P 1 & 2, and of course your math class... and take the TEAS V test. That is for the LPN.

For the RN you have to have alot more classes.

Hope this helps and good luck with whatever you do! :redbeathe:nurse: