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I know I want to work with premature babies, newborns, and cancer children. The only problem I'm having is figuring out what department to apply into. Your probably saying I should know this, but I didnt know what I wanted to be until last year as a sophmore in college towards my last semester.


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Well if you want to work with children you'd have to do pediatrics and then work your way into oncology. I think that would be easier than doing it reverse. If you want to work with newborns you would have to do maternity or neonatal.

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Phoenix does not offer an online program to become an RN. Their programs require people to be a RN already, and then proceed towards BSN and above.

There is one online program that might prepare you to become a RN (Excelsior), but its graduates are prohibited from taking the NCLEX-RN in several states.

If you go for the LPN first, you will likely need to go to a campus-based ADN program afterward. Some ADN programs will transfer credit from a LPN program and others will not.

If your goal is to be a RN, I would recommend that you aim for that now. It will take you more time (and more money) to pursue the LPN and then RN.

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...Nursing? Are you in the US?

You major in nursing and then specialize after you graduate. Hospitals usually train you into specialty programs.

Preemies - Neonatal ICU

Normal newborns - Well baby nursery or low risk nursery. If you want to deliver the babies.. labor & delivery nursing. If you want to work with both the moms and the newborns, then postpartum if they do couplet care.

Children with cancer - pediatric oncology

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