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What do I ask the recruiter the first time I talk to him?

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I am getting started in travel nursing and am about to contact a recruiter at National Healthcare Staffing. I'm just not quite sure what all to ask about. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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bagladyrn works as a travel nurse - ob.

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You can basically ask them anything you want to know: I'd start with whether they have contracts in your specialty and in the areas you are interested in. Ask how many positions they average in these areas at any given time.

Ask about pay: how it is negotiated, what is included, is any of it tax free IF you qualify (don't let them tell you everyone qualifies for tax free status - big red flag!)

Ask about benefits - health insurance - do you pay part?, when does coverage start? (should be first day), do they provide malpractice insurance? What is their rate for travel reimbursement?

Ask what kind of housing they provide. Do they arrange it, if you prefer can you take a stipend? Do they pay all utilities or is there a cap on how much they pay with you responsible for the rest? What exactly is provided in a furnished apartment?

What provisions do they have for dealing with issues (clinical, housing, etc.) that may occur after hours or on weekends.

This should give you a start and you will probably think of a dozen more once you get started.

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