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What happens if we DON'T recommend nursing as a career?

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by HazeK HazeK (Member)

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So you want me to be a doormat? Women have been doormats too long. Yes, I'm angry that nurses have been treated the way they have. But I also am taking action. I've walked away and live an incredibly great life. I refuse to be treated that way. That doesn't mean I have to be selfish and not share what I've learned with others. You must have believed the propaganda the nursing educators have thrown at you. MD's and other health professionals also help people immensely (AND get paid for it). I think women (and men) who go into nursing and think they are the only health professionals who REALLY help the patient are ignorant and naïve. (No I don't really think they have a screw loose). Research and talk to other health professionals. They will tell you THEY do help patients, but most aren't so egocentric to think they are the ONLY ones that do. (Only they do it at a higher salary and/or better working conditions.) I was not told the truth when I decided to become a nurse, but I know now. I'm older and wiser and I thank God every day that I don't have to risk my life on a daily basis (nursing is one of the highest risk for injury jobs there is) for a paltry some of money. If you think nurses are bitter just because they speak the truth, then conditions will never change for nurses. My only regret in leaving nursing is I am not able to care for patients, which I love to do. But there are a lot of things in life I love to do. Caring for my family and myself comes first.

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You're only a doormat if you allow yourself to be. Perhaps it is because I have been a Patrolman (in reference to your post, that can be dangerous when you have a shotgun pointed at your chest-my Hubby's State Trooper & has been shot)for the last 8 years that I have confidence in myself & don't take poop off of others.

I have been a patient & have had family members that have been patients & yes there is a difference in time spent caring. I've had some incredible doctors that I think the world of & they tell me they just have to put patients through like a revolving door & they regret it. They don't have complete power themselves. I don't know where you are at, but here there is a tremendous amount of respect for nurses (& it is also reflected in their pay).

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