What has to happen before circ at your place?


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PS forgot to add...ob's do our circs too. I hate it when interns do it b/c I dunno I mean I know they have to learn but sheesh...thats not something to play around with. But yes, mom's doc is the one who does the ob. I was under the understanding that its that way b/c they are surgeons and the peds are not. But who knows!

We call a time out, verify consent was signed, verify the correct baby, verify it has voided and been seen and is 24 hours old, then the circ is done. Some docs use lidocaine, some use emla, some use sucrose dipped paci's and some use nothing.

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I completely share your feelings about the interns doing the circs! :eek: IMO, if they are going to be done, it should be a urologist. Period. I am going to talk w/ my supe sometime soon and will see what she has to say about implementing some of this, because it sounds like it's fairly common nationwide to wait til baby has voided, been seen by peds, and is 24 hours old.

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