What would be a good NCLEX RN review or Qbank that focuses on strategies or critical thinking?


I've been studying content and answering questions, but I feel I'm missing something and that's how to answer the question. Example UWorld is good, but rationals are more like content base and feedbacks don't provide strategies/critical thinking on how to choose the correct answer and why is right/wrong. I want a good Q Bank that also provides clues or strategies, not just content or long rationals.any suggestions? 


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Kaplan has a great NCLEX Prep program!  They have a huge QBank and if you buy the package with the Decision Tree, that will help you with clinical judgment and critical thinking.  It was rough at first learning the Decision Tree but it really got me thinking.  I liked it.   Keep shopping, but that is the one I prefer.


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I agree with @Nittybelle; I found Kaplan NCLEX-RN to be the most beneficial.

I enrolled in their in-person prep course, but they also offer self-paced and live online options as well. I had taken a content review course before participating in the Kaplan review, so I found that having instilled the foundational knowledge beforehand allowed me to hone in on how to strategically read into the practice questions and analyze how to narrow down the answers. I also struggle with ADHD and historically, I would end up impulsively providing answers rather than taking the time to sit back and analyze what the questions were truly asking of me. Kaplan utilizes a Decision Tree to guide learners on how to best break down questions and be methodical in answer selection, which is exactly what I needed.

Their QBank offered extensive alternative format question styles (select all that apply, ordered response & prioritization, fill-in-the-blank, audio, etc.) which I always found to be the most challenging to answer in nursing school. Packing their QBank with these higher level questions was very beneficial in my test preparation, especially given that the NCLEX utilizes computer-adaptive technology.

So all in all, Kaplan focuses on clinical judgement, critical analysis and strategic processing to aid your studying. 

Hope this helps!