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What are your goals?


Specializes in L&D.

I was inspired by a "Declaration of Goals" post in the men's section and decided to start one in the General Nursing section. I believe it is healthy, and actually works to speak your prosperity into existence.

I'll start it off..

Short term Goals:

1.Ace Pedi/OB, community, Management and Critical Care.

2. Graduate nursing school & pass Hesi/NCLEX on my first attempt.

3. Land a job in critical care before graduation.

Long Term Goals:

1. Complete 2 years of critical care experience.

2.Complete and ace organic chemistry course.

3. Apply and be accepted to CRNA program.

4. Complete and graduate from CRNA program.

This is a shorthand, un-detailed list.

I aspire to have all of my educational goals accomplished by the age of 30.

What are some of you educational/professional goals?

Pass nursing school and graduate with my cohort

Pass the NCLEX the first time

Move and find a job

Continue my education...BSN -> MSN


  • Pass my Bachelor of RN and become a fully qualified registered Nurse (2.5 years left)
  • Possibly get a causal job as an enrolled Nurse (as my degree qualifies me as an enrolled nurse after 2 years of study for experience)


  • Really want to specialize (do post-grad), at the moment thinking between Midwifery, Pediatrics, or ER (I rather want to work with babies/children or have a fast paced job). But I could easily change my mind as I continue my studies :)

  • Some post-grad can take a while to complete (Midwifery is 1.5 years where I live post-grad) so during that time I was hoping to do causal/part-time work in a basic hospital environment to earn experience/confidence in general nursing care so by the time I've finished my studies I'll have both the academic and practical experience needed for whatever role I'm looking into!
  • Should be fully qualified (at least for these current goals) by the time I'm 23/24.

Though really my biggest life goal right now is just to find a career I enjoy and will be moderately happy to do for the rest of my life. So I'm hoping more than anything that job is Nursing (fingers crossed!).

Good luck with all your future goals also, I hope they go to plan :)