What to do if you failed your cna exam a third time?


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I don't know if this helps or not.

I moved from Washington State about a month and a half ago. That's where I completed my program, and I remember some of my fellow students were talking about how we could be trained as CNAs for free instead of taking the college course we were in.

Apparently there are hospitals or nursing homes that will hire you on as a nursing assistant, although your scope of practice is more limited. They train you on the job, with the expectation that you will take your exam and pass, and then work for them. You get paid while you're with them, too, I believe, and often times they'll pay for your exam.

Has anyone else heard of this???? :wideyed:

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I live in MN and had a free CNA training course at International Institute of Minnesota. The instructor was very good. We had skills asessment 2 days before the state test. What I remembered until know was the pre-step ( check my assigment sheet, wash my hands, get my supply, knock the door, introduce self, identify resident, pull curtance for privacy) and post-step ( pull out the curtain, give the call light, put the lining in right area, wash my hands, report and record). Every member in our class had to say out loud pre-step and post-step for each skills. She said people sometimes be failed because of that. Don't give up. You will pass next time :)