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What are your expectations?

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So, I was wondering what everyone's expectations are for jobs. I mean, like what are you expecting/wanting to get paid an hour, what kind of benefits, working hours and would you work holidays?

The reason I ask is because I read some of these comments and some people are like "I don't want this job or that job because of the pay" or "I hate my job" or "I like my job, but...". It is okay to complain, but I think some people have too high of expectations...

Here's what I want: My chosen/dream field of nursing is Community and Public Health Nursing. The position I want to obtain is public health nurse at a health dept. or a nurse at a health clinic (preferably one that I could rotate to different clinics in the system to get different experiences; I enjoy driving around in the community and enjoy working with community outreach agencies). I expect roughly 18-19 dollars an hour. I would like typical benefits, but I would be willing to take up more work if the job does not have benefits to pay for insurance and what not. I prefer Monday through Friday work with some weekends and evening hours. I would work holidays--I have in the past.

So, what are you all expecting? Maybe some of the experienced nurses can give us advice whether something is expecting too much or if it's reasonable...

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