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  1. What part of the HESI was your nightmare?

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Hi all, just wanted to give you a heads up on what to expect on the dreaded ulcer creating HESI A2 test. Math - if you know conversions, proportions was probably 80% of the test and your basic division problems and word problems - the questions are also fill in the blank and multiple choice. The reading is pretty much just reading and answering questions about what you just read...not as simple as you might think when your body is so nervous and shaking that you can't really calm down - take your time and breath! A&P was pretty much dealing with generalized questions, but make sure you take your time and read, some questions were tricky and in order to answer them correctly you had to read into the question a little more than other questions..take your time! And lastly...the dreaded Chemistry. I bought the Elsevier study guide and I will tell you the test pretty much helps with the math, reading and mostly the A&P (I would go over your notes from class also with the study guide) but it doesn't even come close to the chemistry part with what is in the study guide. Most of the people flunked this portion. I got a 67% even though I took a general chemistry class this last semester in order to freshen up my skills for this class and got an A in the class. Oxidation reduction questions are not like the questions in the guide, they are more compressed and you really have to read them over a couple of times to realize what the answer is. I also had a theory question on my test which I probably got wrong which wasn't in the guide and I had questions on joules which was NOT in the study guide!! So hopefully you are a great guesser because holy crap batman this part was a do or die part of the exam. Hopefully I pass this test (I find out in another week) so I don't even have to go back that dreaded part...yuck! I will keep in touch if I passed or not.


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I am so glad my school does not require A&P or Chem!!! Math was my biggest fear. I got a 92% on that and then the worse thing that could've happened happened. My computer froze but the timer kept going.........Aaaaaggggghhhhh!!! An hour later the proctor got me going again but by then I was so ready to be done I flew through the rest of the test. I ended up with an 89% on the language composite. Could've done better but I'm happy with my scores!!!

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