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What else can an RN do?


Hi..Hopefully I have chosen the correct section to post this..

I was wondering what else can you do once you are an RN. In other words, is it possible to be an RN and not have to deal with gross stuff? Can an RN sell medical equipment or something?

I was in Nursing school once. I put in nearly two years of hard time. Took tons of classes and got very good grades. I aced tests that a lot of other students stuggled with and it felt great:D HOWEVER, The time at the Nursing Home though was the absolute worst. Hated it, but got through it. I fainted one morning from the combo of the lack of eating breakfast and the disgusting indescribable smell in one of the patients rooms. I actually got made fun of for it from other students. I quit after that semester..I guess I Quit because of the combo of the gross stuff, my instructor was riding me because of the trouble I was having dealing with 'yucky' stuff, and I also had things going on in my life that were all too stressful.

My main question though is once you put in your time and finally graduate as an RN..Can you work for an insurance company or sell medical quipment or something? One other thing I wouldn't mind is just doing STRICTLY IV stuff..I think that's called the IV therapy Team or something? Does that exist? That I would like. But I can't deal with poop, and vomit. Can't. Not with my OCD.

Can anyone give me any onfo? It'd be appreciated.:redpinkhe

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It sounds like nursing might not be the career for you. It is a lot of "yuck". Maybe consider:

1. medical transcription.

2. pharmacist

3. health information

4. unit secretary

5. admissions clerk

Try to analyze what you DO like related to healthcare and concentrate on your strengths.

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