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So I am moving to Northern VA and I am looking at jobs and a lot of the ones listed on line say they are day/night shifts. Does this mean that it is either shift or you have to do a day/night rotation. I have 2 small children and I have to have night shift, should I apply for these positions anyway?


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It certainly couldn't hurt, I would think. In my experience, it always seems like there tend to be more openings on nights.... Talk to the recruiter at least. :)


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It certainly doesn't hurt to apply anyway but I do know that some hospitals/units in this area do require a day/night rotation and are sticklers for the every other weekend rotation. My particular place of employment is much more laid back, thankfully! Staff there are either straight days or straight nights. And we are required to do three weekend shifts (Fri/Sat/or Sun) per four week schedule, self-scheduling so it's not like you are committed to the every other weekend thing. Self-scheduling is one of the major perks of my job, I must admit.


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At the hospital that I work for, the day/night shift refers to the 0700/1930 shift. All of us reg.full timers do 3 twelves. Long days:yawn:, but there's self scheduling.

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