What about being a CRNA is so interesting?

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I am working on my BSN right now. I do know I do not want to be a floor nurse for any length of time. I do plan on getting my master and this is one area of a few I am looking into (CRNA). I do want to work somewhat independently as a Nurse in some capacity, just not sure what yet. I am also looking into the graduate program here for Forensic Nurse (very exciting field).

What about anesthisia (geez I cant spell...lol) is so exciting? What about it do you like? Do you need to be good at science and math to do this? Why did you decide to go into this field of Nursing?

I am not motivated by money like some people are, I just want a job I will love (I am the type that if I dont love my job I hate it and loose interest in very fast and become bored) and have some independence in and to really feel like I am doing something as well as using my brain.



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Anyone have any input?

I just am curious as to why you choose this and what is exciting about this field? I like how you can work somewhat independently as a CRNA. Id ont have much experience in my life with anesthesia (except for an epidural which a CRNA did) and I never really thought much about it until I started hearing more and more about it from Nurses so it got me curious.




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I could go on for days about what I like about this profession. If you can find a good CRNA to talk to in person, it would be the best way to get a feel for the profession.

In lieu of that, I will list a few things I like: (1) making the patient's anesthesia/surgery experience comfortable, (2) freedom from nursing hierachy, (3) independence, (4) the best professional organization (AANA) to represent our needs, (5) scientific basis for practice, (6) working in a team with outstanding surgeons (7) good income, (8) freedom to set up my own business (9) need to constantly learn (10) a situation like I had yesterday, when a patient said thanks, that was the first time I didn' get sick after surgery. Note to those allready giving anesthesia--that patient had an 8 hour procedure and I didn't give her any anti-nausea meds.



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I chose nursing anesthesia because it is the best APN field when you're always "getting your hands dirty". I enjoy the clinical aspects. I never wanted a management position. I just thought the NP direction was a little too slow for me. I also thought about forensic nursing, but I didn't think it had as much action as television portrays theforensic field. Check into it before you begin. I don't think it has much to do with being intelligent. It has to do with having the right thought process, while staying determined, dedicated, motivated, and passionate. Leslie.


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I am just a CRNA wanna be, getting my ICU experience in right now, but here are some reasons why I am drawn to it

1) Independance and ability to plan for your patient, observe the outcomes of your actions, and learn to better your practicce each time

2) Ability to focus entirely on your patient's plan of care, then move on to another case

3) So many options as far as settings

4) Able to put in central and alines

5) Role in emergent situations... our CRNA;s respond to codes, and it so awesome how they calmly walk in, intubate the patient, save the day..hehe.. and go on with their business

6) So much learning potential... granted ICU also there is a ton to learn, but it seems almost like a higher learning level that bedside nursing

7) Autonomy, autonomy, autonomy, autonomy :)

8) Higher pay.. although, I think I'd still pursue it even if the pay were half of what it is

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