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What are the concurrent requirements?


I am italian nurse and i have applied for RN CA Board and LVN CA Board[

I have read that some States have concurrent requirements.

What are the concurrent requirements?

What are the differences between Board that requires concurrent requirements and Board that doesn't require these?

What are the States that accept international foreign graduates easier?

I'm worry that CA won't accept me and i would like to find less restrictive States.

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The only issue I can help you with is the concurrency: nursing courses with a clinical component must have the clinical component occurring at the same time as the theory component. So, one is taking a med/surg theory course while also attending clinicals, not completing the theory course and then later beginning the clinical component. Try reading through some of the posts in both this forum and the nursing immigration forum- you may be able to find some more answers there.

Thank you for answer.

Therefore i had understood well :unsure:

In Italy we have 3 years, 5400 theoretical hours and 2070 clinical hours, every year has 2 semester in wich we have therotical hours and clinica hours contemporanealy, but for pratical hours there isn't a precise order..for example in the first year i started by geriatric clinical hours While another students started by Emergency clinical hours While another students started by pediatric clinical hours and so on....

Do you think that it is a serious problem for me and that there isn't possibility of being accepted? also for LVN Board?

I have read another thread here, but i Haven't understood if the concurrency is also required for LVN Board.

I have read in a thread here that there are 15 States wich require the concurrency, but is there a governative site in wich i can find this information? in CA Board i Haven't been albe to find chi information.

I world like to know for sure in wich States the concurrency isn't required.

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