What are my chances? Help please! (admissions)


Hello, first time poster here! Hopefully you all are willing to share your expertise :)

I am about to enter my senior year of college, in a non-science major (economics and accounting double major). The only college science course I have taken is basic biology. I have also taken statistics. I have recently (within the last few months) decided I want to apply to nursing school. Likely a BSN, possibly an alternate-entry MSN program.

Herein lies the problem... Most of these programs have deadlines that are November 1 of this year for admission in the fall of next year 2018. I can take most of the prerequisites (microbiology, A & P, human development, chemistry) this semester and the remaining ones next semester, but I won't have grades for any of them by the time of the deadline, obviously. What are my chances of getting into a decent nursing program with no track-record, so to speak, in science courses? I will be enrolled, but won't have grades. My GPA for my economics and accounting degrees is high (3.95), but that is probably irrelevant.

If I have to wait until next November to apply, to be enrolled in 2019, I just don't think it's worth it. It's basically an idle 2 years between my graduation from high school and when I start school again, and I'd be far behind (age-wise), which is not appealing considering I will likely be pursuing an advanced practice degree in the future.

Another question - will it hurt me to take some (or most all) of the prerequisites at a community college? Many of them are full or not offered during the fall at my university (public state flagship) and I clearly can't afford to wait and put them off. I could take all of them at the CC, but not sure if that would hurt me when applying to respected programs (Emory, etc.).

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You won't get into a nursing school without most of your nursing pre req's completed. Most schools will allow you to complete 1 or 2 pre req's after your application is submitted. You will have to check with the individual school.

Yes, you can certainly complete pre req's at a community college and that is a sensible way to go.

Some nursing programs have spring or summer starts, so you can check on that.

What is wrong with working in accounting/finance for 2 years? You can save up some money for nursing school. I don't know how old you are, but many people go to nursing school in their 30s, 40s, even 50s.

Your overall GPA does matter, so you're good on that front.

Taking classes at a community college shouldn't hurt your chances at all.

As far as your science background - it's going to depend entirely on the school(s) you're applying to. Some require that everything be completed before you apply, some allow you to apply while enrolled in the necessary classes. I do doubt that a program with a November 1 deadline will take you without having at least the majority of your math/science classes done.

How far away are you from your original degree? Since you're worried about the age issue (which, as a 37 year old student isn't really an issue at all IMO), you might finish out your senior year and then do an accelerated program.


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Thank you both for your quick responses!

I did notice that Emory has various deadlines, with the third one (not priority) being in January, so I would have grades for this semester at least). Not sure how much more difficult it would be to get in non-priority, but I guess I don't really have a choice. I will keep looking for more programs that accept applications later.

I was very worried about community college being looked down upon, so it's good to hear that it shouldn't negatively affect my application. I just checked and virtually none of the prerequisites are being offered at my university for the fall (and the ones that are are full) so it looks like CC it will be.

Again, I appreciate your input.


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Taking your prerequisites at a community should not affect your admission at all just as long as the prerequisites are all or mostly dobe for each program you plan on applying to. So check with your schools to see their admission requirements for prerequisites being in progress at the time of application.

Your GPA is great so that should definitely help your chances, so keep that up because it matters. Also you cannot get into a program without having the completed classes that you need either by the time or application or before as it all depends on your intended schools, so keep that in mind as well.

Your age won't be a probably because you're still really long that you have years to come to still be a working nurse. Especially, since their are people who are 10x your age but still pursuing their dream of becoming a nurse because your age doesn't matter.

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The fact that a year's delay (spent preparing yourself) would make nursing as a career less attractive to you is VERY concerning to me.