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What is a Certified Nurse Technician II?

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I saw in a hospital where some of the aides were referred to as CNT II...what does this mean?

Well at the hospital where I work, all the aides are Techs, and any Techs that are in nursing school have the title Nurse Tech II and can do a little bit more but I am not sure what. Techs do everything that CNA's do, but they can do something with feeding tubes (not sure what bc my floor only sees feeding tubes once every 6 months!), put foleys in and take them out, do charting, take out Hep-Locks, apply telemetry patches and hook it up. Just simple things to help make the RN's job easier.


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Here in North Carolina our CNA II can insert/remove foleys, d/c IV, perform oral and nasal suctioning, do sterile wound dressing changes, give tube feeds by gravity, spike and prepare an IV bag (cannot connect bag to pt), and everything the CNA I can do.

Personally I know they have their place in healthcare, but there are somethings that I would rather do myself. Like tube feeds I need to assess for a residual to determine if the patient can tolerate a tube feed. Or dressing changes, I need to see the wound and assess it so I might as well change the dressing.

Just doesn't seem like a good idea to me, sounds like they are trying to use these "CNA II" employees as cheap nurses. Heck, the hospital pays bad enough as it is. And then lay folks are flabbergasted at the thousands upon thousands of medical errors (that the nurses always get blamed for) that take place in the hospitals across the country.

Hey lay people, want to know why there are so many errors and patient safety is suffering? Part of the answer lies right here!


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No such thing as a CNA in SC. A lot of places have Nursing Techs and Student Nursing Techs, but that is just a "title."

I indeed believe sometimes they are trying to conceal how many actual nurses are working.

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