What can you do with LPN and BA?


So I'm a semester away from my my BA in public admin. I also am a LPN. I'm unsure what to do after this last semester of my bachelors, and would love any advice or thoughts. I'm thinking I could eventually become a case manager? But I'm not sure. Are there jobs that I can do with these credentials that are not the bedside nursing Im doing now? Some sort of admin jobs?

Also, I want to get a post baccalaureate degree. Any thoughts on what type of degree I can get? I've heard of accelerated masters degrees, bachelors degrees etc, but I'm pretty confused on what would work for my situation. I'd appreciate any input offered.

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As far as clinical/nursing jobs are concerned, an LPN + BA = LPN. In order to qualify for any type of admin jobs that require a nursing license, you will need to obtain an RN license, & most likely a BSN.

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My best friend earned a BS degree in public health many moons ago, then became an LPN later on. Even with the previous degree, she still worked as a floor nurse.

However, I do know of LPNs who are case managers, but they tend to have extensive experience. LPNs are also utilized as wellness directors at some assisted living facilities.