What can I expect my first semester?

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Hi All -

Orientation is on 8/23! :) I am very excited and nervous! I took so many courses prior to nursing school that only classes I have left are nursing classes with the exception of Micro, Abnormal Psychology and Developmental Psychology. Everything else, I taken.

What can I expect my first semester? I have Nursing Fundamentals, Wedneday 1-4 and Clinical on Thursday, 6:45am - 2:00.

It's not knowing what to expect that has me nervous and I'm hoping you can fill me in! What do you think an average week will be like?

Thank you!

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At orientation you can expect a lot of info to be thrown your way. Lots of papers, etc. and it feels a bit overwhelming but believe me, everything will fall into place.

Nursing Fundamentals--lecture, taking notes, etc.

Clinicals--for starters you'll probably be doing bed baths, making beds, helping pts ambulate, vitals....as you learn more skills, you get to do those. You'll be on your feet a lot that's for sure! Don't be afraid to ask questions & observe when you can. Good luck.


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The first couple of days.....paperwork. It will be so overwhelming. You will have check offs for your skills ( if it's like my school ). Those are very stressful and all I can say is Practice, Practice, Practice every chance you get. I think we had a math test and an ATI test that semester. You will begin to write care plans. Fun! Fun!

Anyway, Congratulations!

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Congratulations to you. :)

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