What can i do with contact hour credit?


I recently signed up for the NCSBN International Nurse NCLEX preparation course... I finished the first course called "acclimation of intl nurses into us nursing" and i got a certificate and apparently 6.6 contact hours...

What is this contact hours? and what can i use it for?

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Those hours are used for renewing of a license, but since you do not have a license yet, they are not really useful for you at this time.

They are required only for renewal, not usually for initial licensure. And since they were obtained before the initial license was issued, they normally will not be valid to use when it is time to renew.


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Contact hours can used to help meet goals for CE's for licensure.

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If the person has not written the NCLEX exam as of yet, then the hours are not going to be obtained after they have received their license. This is especially true for someone that is not in the US as well.

Continuing Ed means after licensure. There is no state that has a requirement for hours before the initial licensure; only to renew the license once issued.

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