What to brush up on before school starts?

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Just wondering if anyone has some advice about what to study up on before starting school in the fall. My last chem class was two years ago and I am still working in ICU. Any specific ideas would be appreciated. Also, any opinions on whether a laptop is a must. I have a desktop but it is shared. Thanks! :)


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From experience, I would say.......brush up on your vacation, family, etc. You will work hard enough while in school. Don't worry about it till you get there, you obviously are bright (you got in didn't you?) your instructors will teach you what you need when you get there.

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I'm thinking of being a camp nurse this summer. I loved camp and have wanted to do this since I was in nursing school. Of course an ICU job won't give you 8 weeks off to go to camp, but it's a perfect interlude between work and school. Room and board, minimal poop/puke/sputum, being in a gorgeous place which is meant for having fun. I won't exactly be raking in the dough, but hey, that's what loans are for.


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Oh no....please RELAX before school. You will be told this over and over and over again, and it is TRUE. They will teach you all you need to know.

Personally, I don't think you NEED a laptop, plenty do not have them, and there is always the library. I do think a printer is a must though, for convenience anyways. Good Luck.

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I couldn't agree more with the other posts. Take what time you have left and enjoy it! Organize your house, read all the novels you want to read, because soon enough you will only be reading nursing books! It really doesn't pay to "brush up", especially if you don't even know the curriculum format. Just relax and spend time with family and friends because over the next few years you'll miss those moments! Good luck!

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