What book to buy to "brush up" on A&P?


I am taking the Hesi entrance test in June in get into the RN program. The problem is that it has been over 6 years since I have taken both A&P's and I have since gotten rid of my book. Any suggestions on the best book to buy to brush up and review before the test? Thanks.


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Go to books a million, in the medical sectin, all the small spiral notepad style cliff notes.. they have one for A&P


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The Teaching Company has a series of video lectures on A&P that I think are awesome! The lectures are done by Dr. Anthony Goodman and have really helped me with my A&P classes. Not cheap but a lot of public libraries are carrying these types of lectures so you might check there.


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"Get Ready for A & P" by Lori Garrett is good. The link that I use with the Marieb A & P text includes chapters from "Get Ready" and it helped me get a good start, after many years away from school. It is offered used on Amazon right now for $14.40.


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Something real basic would be cliff notes. That might help refresh your memory.

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A&P for Dummies is good, too, especially for review. Available everywhere.


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Barnes and Noble has a TON of nifty little nursing and science books. look there! : )

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