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What is the average travel nurse pay in Grand Junction Including housing and perdiem.

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Hi Im trying to find out if the company Im with is offering me a fair rate for a Travel assignment in Grand Junction Co. I will be a float RN for the biggest Hospital in town. He offered me 33/hr. this would be the lowest by far Ive ever been offered for a travel assignment. He stated the pay rate is low and thats why this assignment was still available.

Ive never worked for less then 38/hr. I just need to find out if this is fair or is he being greedy. I have not signed contract as of yet. Please let me know if anyone knows what the rates are for regular staff nurses with 6yrs experience and travel nurses. Thank you!

I'm not sure why staff pay will help you decide if a travel offer is fair. You would have to compare it with offers from other agencies. In California for example, my hourly pay has always been lower than staff yet generally higher than travel assignments in other states.

There is no way to pull one number from your compensation and compare it to staff. But if that is what you want to do, try posting in a forum where staff nurses are more likely to read like the Colorado nursing forum. Or try calling Colorado hospitals to find out staff pay.

I will ill say that eastern Colorado travel pay has low relative to other areas for decades.