What is the average salary for a RN graduate in N. California the bay area???

U.S.A. California


Graduating soon what is the average salary of an RN graduate in the San Francisco bay area???

I make about $70 p/her and that's part time 20 hours a week at Kaiser this is with the evening differential. I've been a nurse for over 10 years. Average nurse in bay area makes about $150K-$200K+. One guy I know use to make almost $400K a year but he was working 16 hour double back shifts making 1.5x after 8 hours and double time etc. Also every weekend you work it would be called third weekend which would give you double time the whole weekend. They rarely do that right now due to the economy. It use to be like that in the early 2005 but not so much triggering weekends to make double time anymore. I work about 20-24 hours a payperiod and make about $80K comfortably.

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