What, if anything, will this do to nursing jobs?

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Hospitals accept $155 billion in cuts

Under the agreement, hospitals will receive $155 billion less in Medicare and Medicaid over the next decade that will come by improving efficiencies, changing the delivery system and reducing annual increases, Biden said.


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Hospitals are businesses and are about their bottom line and making money. I think Nurses and other hospital staff will see their own benefits take a hit. Meaning the hospital will decrease the percent they pay for employee benefits. You may see fees for the once free in house services or programs (employee assistance, smoking cessation, weight management, etc) and pay more for your own personal/ family coverage and have higher deductibles. Probably get the speech how we all have to pull together meaning the end of yr evaluations will continue to have lower than cost of living increases to off set their loss. The funny thing is the person in management that comes up with this will probably get a pay raise and promotion as well as a new committee to work under them.



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It's time these big salaries-CEO's, administrators. risk management lawyers, marketing and finace directors stared to take a proportionate hit in there salaries and standard of living. I'm sick of us little people getting taken to the cleaners and being expected to settle for less and less. I think it's time the hospital CEO cooked and ate hamberger helper for his dinner- and a couple times a week.


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I am in agreement that the head people need to think about us lower people. I don't even carry health insurance bc the deductible is 2 months of wages that is not counting the payments every check. Then the raises are 2%. I pray that I get called in on my on call day just so I can make some extra money so we can eat something besides hamburger helper. Then with 3 kids starting school in a month, I NEED money.

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