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I know this may sound stupid, but could some of you please let me know what some of these titles are behind the names...I know what CRNA, RN, MB, CCRN are but there are so many. I am guessing that they are certifications. Thanks for any feedback.

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Which ones don't you know?

Let's see:

BLS basic life support (CPR)

ACLS advanced cardiac life support

TNCC trauma nurse core curriculum

ENPC emergency nurse pediatric course

PALS pediatric advanced life support

CEN certified emergency nurse

ADN associates degree in nursing

BSN bachelor of science in nursing

MSN master of science in nursing

NP nurse practioner

FNP family nurse practitioner

CMW certified midwife


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LPN - Licensed Practical Nurse

RD - Registered Dietitian

LD - Licensed Dietitian

PA - Physicians Assistance

ANP - Authorized Nurse Prescriber

CDE - Certified Diabetes Educator

CNM - Clinical Nurse Manager

CNS - Clincal Nurse Specialist (MSN prepared)

MA - Medical Assistant - Used to be called NA (Nurses aid)

CNA - Certified Nurses Assistant

CRNA - Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

NALS - Neonatal Advanced Life Support

(I never thought about how many there are!)


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thanks..that covers alot of the ones i had questions about. Have only had my license a week and haven't been exposed to much other than clinicals. thanks for all the feedback.

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