What ahould I do???


Hey all I was wondering what I should do. Should I do LPN school first or should I just go straight to RN school???Help I need to know what to do???

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My personal opinion is that if becoming an RN is your final goal, then getting an LPN first is just a waste of time.


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I agree with Daytonite. Where are you in the process of getting into nursing school? How many classes have you taken?

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IMO, It all depends on two things.

1) where do you live? If you live in an area where LPNs are employable, then do it. You need to see what kind of jobs you can get as an LPN. Where I live, there are few acute care (hospital) jobs as LPNs.

2) Can you get into an RN program? If your GPA is lower than accepatable, then you may have to use LPN as a stepping stone.

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I'm doing the LPN first, because I want to be able to support myself financially while in school for my RN. I also have a few more prereqs I need to take before I can do my second year.

It all depends on your situation... good luck with whatever you decide. Many people ask me " why don't you just go straight for your RN ?" I respond " If you can pay my bills for the next year and a half, than sure I'd be glad to continue on for my RN".

Do whats best for you, either way you'll get there !


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I'm starting to wish I'd done LPN first. I'd be nice to have a way to earn a decent wage while going through school.

Also, the LPN's in my class are leagues beyond the meager skills of those of us going straight through the RN program. The instructors expect the same performance out of everyone, but the LPN's already know how to be licensed nurses because they already are licensed nurses. They don't spend any time worrying about how to do a procedure they've never done & can focus on learning the new material.

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Another thing to consider, is what if you (God forbid) fail the RN program ? What do you have to fall back on ?

I know of students who were in their last semester of the RN, but failed. The LPN students that failed, were upset of course, but atleast they still had a nursing license, and a decent income to fall back on.

Becoming a LPN first is kind of like my insurance... If I do fail the RN, I'll have my LPN to fall back on. I'm now a CNA , if I failed the LPN program, I can still work as a CNA. Just my two cents, once again.


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I am doing the LPN and then transitioning to RN. LPN is easier to get into and I figured if I pass that I can then do the RN. I like to take things one step at a time. But it is ultimately your decision.

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