WGU Texas Pre-Licensure BSN Program Inquiry


I am an LPN and almost done with the Excelsior and actually have only 2 more classes (head-to-toe assessment) to take before becoming eligible for the CPNE....HOWEVER, I was informed that the wait time to get a CPNE test date is approximately 8mo - 1year!! I have been looking at WGU (i didn't know they had actual clinical rotations - which is GREAT!! excelsior does not) and considering applying to the pre-licensure program. I took ALL my pre-requisites at a community college and I have a BA in biology.

Although the WGU program will probably take longer than 1 year but after the completion of the program i will have a BSN instead of an ADN; and would have completed ACTUAL clinical rotations....

  1. do you think I should even bother applying to WGU?
  2. Are there any students and graduates who can give me some insight on time frame on completing the WGU pre-licensure curriculum?
  3. Has anyone completed the program and passed their NCLEX?

please help! Your constructive feedback, insight and advice is greatly appreciated!! :)


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You already have a BA in biology... why not just apply to an accelerated program? But if you're almost done with Excelsior then there's really no point I guess. Why waste all of that time and money by doing it all over again?

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I am very nervous about the CPNE, the cost associated with it and the wait time...when I called the school last week they stated that it can take (possibly) up to 6-8 months before they can give me a test date and the actual test date could be another 3 months after receipt - that is close to a year!

I was only exploring WGU - not only because they have actual clinical rotations but for another 6 months I could leave with a BSN...again, its just a thought and I am inquiring...I am sure its my nerves but I just wanted some advise a possible "back up" plan to consider

I am in WGU's program and I would pick WGU's program any day versus Excelsiors. I am not saying Excelsior's is bad, but I like things in small doses and the CPNE is a very large does all at once and seems too unpredictable in terms of when you can take the test. I like predictability and the things I have learned in clinicals are so valuable. Plus like you said it would be another year, but you would get our bachelors vs. ADN. You will need to get your BSN at some point anyways might as well do it all at once. I have LPNs in my cohort and with our background you will def. excel in the program.

Lastly, I don't know my future, but I don't want my education to hinder me from practicing in a specific state. I know that in CA excelsior grads are not able to attain a license.

Edit: After re-reading your initial post, I think you should just finish the two classes and do the CPNE. You're almost done and already spent s good amount of money, don't let that go to waste. I'm sure there are excellent nurses that graduated from Excelsior even if they do not have clinicals. You learn more on the job than anything.

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thanks for everyone's advice!! I just got off of the telephone with a WGU advisor and she was very nice! She said despite all that I am transferring with the curriculum will still be approximately 2.5 years! I told her about my Excelsior experience and my fear and she stated what you all have said - "don't worry you will be fine - you have come to far to start all over again. do the cpne and we will see you for the RN to BSN program!" - I thought that was very honest and nice of her.

Thanks again, to all of you, for your information and suggestions! :)