I am starting at WGU RN to BSN in September. I have 61% of my BSN completed. Anyone have any words of wisdom before I start?! I'm nervous/excited about starting and completing! Just have been reading the pass/fail rate and I'm nervous.. I'm a slower learner but am dedicated. Never done an all on line before. Any thoughts/suggestions?! I'm also keeping my full time job in the ER... ah!

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I finished my BSN with WGU last October. Best advice I can give is communicate with your mentors. Don't let your self get frustrated when assignments are returned for revision the course mentors are not the ones who grade your work so sometimes you just have to do the assignment turn it in get feed back from the grader revise and resubmit. Set aside time to study everyday but also set aside a little time for you too. I loved the fact that I could complete some courses in a week or two allowing me more time for the harder courses. Good luck

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