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WGU Pre-Licensure TX

by MadelineA MadelineA (New) New Pre-Student

Hello! I am just now starting my prerequisites for the WGU BSN Pre-Licensure program. Has anyone used StraighterLine? What are your thoughts? Did you have any trouble transferring those into WGU?

Also, I am about the same distance from the Dallas and Decatur locations. Does anyone have a recommendation for which one they liked more and why?



I was told by my mom who is a nurse that Decatur hospital was terrible. I am hoping to get into UT Southwestern in Dallas for my clinicals. Not sure if we get to have that option or not?


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Used straighterline for AP1/2,MicroB. Did Houston location, thought it was a good experience overall.

LoveJRenee, BSN, RN

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I've used SL for sociology. There was no issues in tranferring it to WGU. WGU endorses them.

I always like to caution people with SL because many unexpected things can happen. SL credits are not widely accepted... they are only accepted by a relatively small number of colleges. If you take a large number of prereqs there and for some reason need to transfer to a different college.. you may have to end up retaking all of those courses.