I am looking for some insight on this class. So far I have been VERY frustrated with how the content is organized. When I click on a section to read there are smaller sections and even those break down into smaller sections. I was a good student all through my undergraduate degree and I work well on my own. However, I am very annoyed that this course is structured and presented this way. I did do the boot camp which I found helpful. I did pass the pre assessment but not by much the second time. How similar is that to the objective assessment? (I am not looking for specific answers) just a generalized answer. I don't want to keep going into too much depth. Any tips? I am ready to be done with this course. I zoomed through my other ones with ease. Even my mentor said that "almost everyone has a really hard time with this course", which I don't appreciate. I get so frustrated knowing that I will probably never utilize how to break down an amino acid molecule by molecule again (haha).

I do enjoy learning but chemistry is not my favorite thing to do.

Thank you!!

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Make an appointment a week with a Course Instructor. That 1:1 help is invaluable. I believe the OA also has a coaching report in case you are not successful the first time.