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Hello everyone.

I am starting my BSN to MSN in with a concentration in nursing education on November 1st, 2020 at . I come from Aspen University where I was doing a weekly essay and a discussion board with 2 replies per week. I have decided to get my masters with because I am interested in nursing education and WGU is regionally accredited while Aspen University is not. Because of the accreditation, I figure that I might not be able to get some jobs with a BSN from a nationally accredited university. So I have decided to enroll at WGU to pursue my MSN.

Anyone currently enrolled at WGU. How is the classes? Any feedback. I have a full time jobs M-F 8-5 off the weekends. I will appreciate the feedbacks.

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17 hours ago, ChrissyBee said:

@Hoosier_RN, MSN 

Is that right, you finished BSN TO MSN in 6 months ?? That is insanely awesome ? I am thinking about going to wgu and doing BSN to MSN. Then doing an MSN to PMHNP program. Any thoughts anyone ?

I actually finished at slightly over 3 months. With , you don't get grades, you get pass/fail. For some schools, this will make you less competitive for admission for postmaster, depending on school

Look at job postings and projections for PMHNP for where you are looking to practice (even if remotely). So many have jumped on the bandwagon, that some areas are flooded. My area is one. The few ads there are available pay less than bedside, and expect experience. I know 2 in the boat that are looking and can't find anything in "desirable" pay range. But then again, they want 5+ year experience pay rate, at newbie experience. They're also crying that they now have so many student loans to pay. I think everyone, regardless of profession, should investigate job market and projections (not from the school, independently) prior to taking on a student loan to pay

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On 5/7/2021 at 1:23 PM, SaRN32 said:

I also enjoyed their performance assessment which allows you to do research and master the subject.

That is why it is called a "master's program". I posted something here about how your graduation gown shows you have 'mastered' a subject because it has closed sleeves (yes there is  a place to get your hands out.) This is different from a BSN gown. 

shellfrmmo said:

Wow- I have exactly the same question! I got BSN from Aspen and have chosen MSN at WGU. I am  going for MSN in leadership and management. Please let me know how it's going and how different it is. I really do nit know what to prepare for. Start 01-2021


looking to enroll in MSN leadership. How's it going ? 

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