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Western vs Western-Fanshawe BScN programs

Voltarine Voltarine (New) New

Hey all, was looking for a bit of advice.

I was recently accepted into both the Western & Western/Fanshawe BScN program. I've been scouring the internet trying to find the distinction between the two (if there is one). I live equidistant from both campuses, so I can really go either way. I was wondering if any one had any suggestions or knowledge about the program at both locations. What is the difference? Would employers opt for graduates of option A rather than option B? Any helpful tidbits would be welcome.

Super excited to get started!

Congrats on getting into both programs. Do you mind me asking if you are still in high school (or a prehealth program?). When did you get in?

I did PHS at Fanshawe and so I do know a bit about the collab program, only because I was able to attend the open house this past fall. From what I understand, the collab program is a bit more hands on - there is a simulation lab (UWO could have one as well, I'm just not sure!), and you go into the hospital for clinical sooner when you're in the collab. UWO is a bit more book based, or so I have been told by students in the program. I am going to the open house for the 4 year program all at Western this weekend and can give you a bit more info after that on the 4 year.

Fanshawe is a really awesome school. Its a great campus and I loved my year there doing PHS. Its a major reason I'm leaning on the collab (if I get in!) versus the 4 year, but I will have a better idea after this weekend!!

Congrats again!!!

Thanks for the response. I applied as a 105D applicant with an 86% average out of highschool and a good Mature Student letter of intent. Let me know how your open house at Western goes this weekend! Honestly I am leaning towards Fanshawe just because I speculate the college environment will be more "hands on".

What is a Mature Student letter of intent (sorry for all the questions in your thread haha!)

If you want to know anything about the Fanshawe Campus, I can answer most of your questions. :) I have seen the nursing labs many times (I think I even have a few photos somewhere!). I absolutely love Fanshawe - I can't express that enough. I loved pretty much everything about it (and London) in general.

If the applicant has been out of "full-time" school for more than a certain amount of years (I think it's like 5, I forget), then you have to write a letter to admissions explaining what your goals are, why you think you'd be a desirable candidate for the program, relevant work and volunteer experience, etc etc. I still upgraded some of my courses, for example I had never taken chemistry in highschool so I had to get that credit. I live in Toronto currently, so I am considering just giving Fanshawe a call and asking them to explain the differences, if they're able.

Hi Voltarine did you apply for the compressed nursing programe at Western

Nope, regular full time.

Just got accepted to both the 4 year at Western & the Collab. I am accepting the collab as soon as it appears on OUAC!

Hey there! I'm new to AN but I am in a similar situation! I have also been accepted to both thw Western and Western/Fanshawe Collaborative programs and I am having trouble deciding which to accept - as I'm not sure what the difference is, or if there is one! I live extremely close to Western, but I have heard that Fanshawe has more hands on experience as well (not sure if that is true or not).

The bonus about going to Western for all 4 years would be that by the time year 3 rolls around, you know the campus and exactly what professors are looking for. Also, for me, it is really close by!

Fanshawe would be nice if the "hands-on" time is an actual difference... and it may be refreshing to be able to break up the 4 years into different locations. Maybe it wouldn't feel like such a long program this way.

Also, does anyone know if there is a difference in price? I'm assuming both program would cost the same, but I'm not entirely sure. I'm hoping to make it to Fanshawe's open house this Saturday to get some questions answered!

Congrats all! I chose the collab option, so I guess I will see you around klovesedamame! Based on the opinions I solicited, Fanshawe has a better hands-on, practical aspect. I've also heard speculation that employers prefer collab grads rather than just Western grads (I'm sure that was just someone's opinion though). Mainly I thought it might be nice to break up my time between the 2 campuses.

I got a accepted into the Laurentian BScN and they have coll BScN has well. I don't think there is a different depending on the school. It should be the same program outline you're doing comparing those going immediately into university.

@amnosni There isn't a huge difference between the programs (so I've been told). In fact, content wise, they are the exact same thing. The purpose for doing it at two different sites, is so that they can accept more students. The only difference I was informed of at the open house was that in the collab you get to do three full shifts at a rehab hospital in your second year. You obviously cannot do anything within the rehab hospital, but you get to shadow a nurse and ask questions and get your first true taste of the career. (A lot of the Western students said this wasn't a big deal, lol, but I think it's a really exciting opportunity and all the collab students I talked to said they loved having the opportunity).

Everyone I talked to agreed that the collab was more hands on (even if they weren't allowed to say this, lol!) I was a PHS student at Fanshawe, so I've seen the nursing labs a handful of times, and I found that they were bigger than the labs/sim center at Western. But again, I do have a bias towards Fanshawe having been a student there last year and loving it. If you have any questions about Fanshawe (residence, school, food, environment, whatever - let me know. I"d be more than happy to answer anything about the school. I adore it!)

I'm sure the cost is the same - but don't quote me on that. I know the prices are fairly easy to find online for Fanshawe, but I'm not sure about Western. Given that it is the same program (same courses!), I'm inclined to believe it will be the same price!

Enjoy the open house on Saturday. If you are planning to stay in residence, I really encourage you to tour the residences they have open! And just walk around the whole campus - experience everything. It is truly an amazing place to study. I wasn't ready to let go or say goodbye, and my time in PHS is ultimately what made me decide on the collab. I'm so excited for September.

@Voltarine - Awesome! It will be good to know a few people going in! So far, only one of my friends from PHS has heard, and is also going to be doing the collab! I have a lot of nurses in the family who do say that hospitals find that students who come out of the collab having had the more hands on approach have a bit of an easier time within the hospital and therefore are preferred. I also emailed a few masters programs to see how doing a collab would affect a future application and they said that whether I chose the collab or 4 year main site wouldn't make a difference.

Sorry this is late, but I'm currently in Fanshawe's PHS program, and applied to both Western-Fanshawe collar as well as just 4 years at Western. I was just wondering to klovesedamame what her average from PHS was to get into the BScN program! I'm stressing out about it.. thanks!

Hey guys was looking for a bit of advice .. I wanted to do the prehealth program at Fanshawe ..I wanted to know how hard it is Nd is it easy to get high msrks and I also wanted to apply into the Collab nursing after and I was wondering how hard Is it to get in ? Do a lot of people get accepted from the pre health to the Collab nursing ?

Please answer really need this