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Who's starting WGU 11/1/11. I saw there was a thread for 10/1/11, figured we could start one for November. Had my intake interview already, my transcripts have not been evaluated yet but am... Read More

  1. by   fallinnstyle
    Quote from quianntaj
    (To-fallinnstyle)I'm sorry I've been following this thread since you guys started it..(kind of stalking it lol) but From your initial post, You started on Nov.1..are you saying you finished this program in 2months? How is that possible..I mean did you complete each mod in like a week or how exactly does that work? I have been looking into this program and plan to start once I get my ADN, but I pray I have the guts and drive that you all have in completing this program. Are you continuing with WGU for your MSN as well? Congrats and hat goes off too you bc that's awesome...
    Yes I started in Nov and finished in January. I could have finished even faster if I did not let thanksgiving and Christmas slow me down to a crawl. The speed at which you complete the program is completely determined by you and how fast you can complete the tasks. For most tasks, I was able to complete in a couple of days while others that I was unfamiliar with took longer because I had to study the material.
    The main thing to know is that the program is very doable in one 6month term as long as you keep your eye on the ball.
    I am doing my MSN at WGU, but am also applying for fall admission to FNP programs. The application deadlines are coming up so I need to get busy getting my stuff together. So far, none of the schools have said anything negative about my degree being from WGU, but then again, I am just now completing the apps and I will see which schools have an issue with it once admission decisions have been made.
    Good luck to you.
  2. by   MunkeyLuv
    Hi there! I just heard of WGU and seems like a great deal! I have a question for you all who have been accepted. The only pre-req I need is CHEM. Were you able to be accepted into the BSN program before having CHEM?

    I'd love to take CHEM at my local community college over the summer or fall 2012 and start the WGU BSN program around the same time.

    Also, WGU doesn't seem to have a course catalog available. Do any of you know if you already have a bach. degree, did most of your English, Math, Psych, Humanities, etc. transfer? I'm uncertain which of my courses will be accepted for Behavioral Science Issues and Survey.

    I spoke to someone today, and they were unable to tell me which of my courses would transfer over until I submitted my official transcripts. I don't take the NCLEX until May, so I can't apply yet and I don't want to delay my BSN any longer than necessary by not taking any necessary pre-reqs! Sorry if this had been answered already.. I looked thru your thread and didnt' see anything.

    Thank you! Congrats and good luck to you all!
  3. by   DanaRR
    If you're taking the RN-BSN, you can take Biochem through WGU. If you're pre-licensure, it seems you need your pre-reqs before your enroll.
  4. by   mrswhite20
    help just started WGU MSN
  5. by   mrswhite20
    I just started my RN to MSN at WGU...1st course NUT1 NUrsing informatics, then research then nutrition then biochem....any advice, suggestions, helpful hints, I live in Pearland, TX, i welcome all suggestions. Would luv to finish asap.....
  6. by   mrswhite20
    omg, how did u do it so fast and CONGRATS...I just started the RN to MSN program, my 1st course is NUT1, nursing informatics...any advice, tips, pointers....I welcome all suggestions
  7. by   anicedesi
    Hi Dana, have u taken biochem through wgu? if so, how hard was it?
  8. by   nerdtonurse?
    They sent me an email saying they're mailing my diploma. So, I did it in 5 months -- started 11/1, turned in my last assignment 3/25. So, I'm Nerd, RN, BSN!
  9. by   anicedesi
    Congratulations to you nerdtonurse!! Wow, in 5 months? And i'm just starting on May 1st. I hope I can go as fast as you did...
  10. by   anicedesi
    Hi mrswhite20, so have u finished NUT1 and biochemistry yet? I'm just starting with these courses now.
  11. by   Maggie RN
    Hey!!! Any tips on the paper for Nursing Informatics C 156? It's a pretty big task. I'm trying to get through that and STATS.. STATS is killing me. Any advice passing that class would be appreciated as well. I really struggle with the probability portion of it for sure!