WGU prelicensure vs RN to BSN

  1. Hey guys I graduated from a 2yr RN nursing school about half a year ago with my associate of science. I have yet to be granted an oppertunity to take the NCLEX by my school. Also my school is not NLN so the job market in my area is not very great, mostly nursing homes. Anyways my goal was to work in magnet hospital so I need my BSN degree.

    Could anyone tell me the difference between the WGU prelicensure program vs the RN to BSN program. I cant really tell a difference and they both have the same ammount of credit hours.
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  3. by   RN*mommy
    I would try calling the admissions office at WGU and pose your question to them. They are extremely helpful and can set you on the right path. I know when I applied to WGU I received many credits for having my RN license...so you won't be applicable for those transfer credits and I'm not certain what that means for their program requirements for you.

    Sorry I don't have more info, but call them and they will help!
  4. by   calistudent818
    I'm considering WGU as well.

    Prelicensure is their name for their BSN program for those who already have a college degree in another field or completely new to the nursing field who want to get their BSN. The only confusing part to me that I just ran across the other day is they have on their site that you need a letter of rec from your current healthcare employer, so I can't figure out if even this option means you have to already be in the medical field in some capacity to even apply for this program. I have an appt to talk to an advisor on the phone tomorrow and that question is at the top of my list because that would suck if you do have to have previous medical experience to apply to the program because I really wanted to try to get into WGU. It is the program that best fits my schedule with 2 kids and that allows me to go at my own pace.

    RN-BSN is for ADN (Associate degree RN's) who want to upgrade their credentials to a BSN.

    What other programs are you considering???

    PM if you have any other questions