WGU pre licensure program

  1. Hello everyone,
    I am applying to the pre licensure program at WGU, I have everything done already, and I will have my interview with Joe the Prelicensure Team lead on Friday, I am very excited to start the program, but also very afraid and anxious, I really hope I can get in. My counselor said that the next cohort for the Los Angeles area starts in March 2012, so if everything goes well I wil be the happiest person alive if I get in and start in march. Is there anyone applying to this cohort? Does anyone know any other cohort starting earlier? if anyone has any tips for me, what should I do next, or if anyone that is already in the program has any tips, any info will be greatly appreciated!!!
    What should I expect regarding the clinicals application, is the emotional intelligence test hard? What about the WGU's foundational nursing skills performance assessment?
    Thank you very much in advance!!!
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  3. by   mia06
    Hi I was wondering how did your interview go with Joe? I am thinking about applying to the program but it will not be in march becuase I still have classes to take if you don't mind me asking where do you complete your classes thanks
  4. by   Fcat
    Hello, my interview went fine, and now I am just waiting to see if I got in, they will tell me that around January 20th. And I completed my requirements in Miami, because I just recently moved to LA :-)
  5. by   73ss86
    Hi, I applied to the March 2012 start date also. I hope I get in!
  6. by   Fcat
    I am also very excited to know if I got in, they told me that I have to wait for them to call me probably around January 18th. To what hospital did you apply to?
  7. by   73ss86
    Hi Fcat,

    I don't know which hospital I applied to I guess which ever is close to Ontario. I moved from San Francisco so I don't know the area that well. Did you apply to a specific hospital?
  8. by   Fcat
    Just like you, I just recently moved from Miami to LA and I am not familiar with the area either, but my counselor told me that the closest hospital from my house would be Cedar Sinai, I also apply to all the other ones that they have, but I guess cedars will be my first choice.
  9. by   73ss86
    Are you doing financial aid? If so, are done with all the paper work?
  10. by   Fcat
    Yeah I am using financial aid, and I did the papers that they asked me ( the promissory note and the other paper that I don't remember the name now) And that's it, they told me that once I get accepted they will discuss the loan and tell me if financial aid will cover my tuition.
  11. by   Fcat
    And you?
  12. by   tsm007
    I'm trying to get into the prelicensure program in Indiana. I'm hoping I got everything done and I'll get in for a February start. I'm kind of anxious so we'll see.
  13. by   Fcat
    Very good luck to you, hope you can get in, so if you are trying to get in by February you will get a call from them very soon, let us know when you get your call so we can all celebrate your entrance into the program!!!
  14. by   73ss86
    Same here also. Hopefully, it will be covered if not Ill do private loans