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  1. Hi there,
    Just a quick question regarding the practicum for the RN-BSN program. I'm going to be starting my 3rd month of the program on Oct 1st and have consistantly finished 3 classes a month. I understand that could change depending on the difficulty of the class, however I have 4 classes left to complete minus the practicum. My student mentor keeps stressing not starting the practicum until the next term starts in February, but I'm not seeing why that's so important. If I do finish my classes by the end of November is it not possible for me to then complete the practicum using the months of December and January? What am I missing here? I know there are 90 hours that need to be logged, however I work pool nursing so my schedule is flexible. My mentor is aware of this as well.

    Any advice? What am I missing in regards to the practicum that makes it not doable in 2 months?

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  3. by   klone
    Yes, you should be able to complete your practicum in 2 months. I'm going to complete my practicum and EBT (research) in the last 2 1/2 months of my term, and my mentor hasn't batted an eye at that.
  4. by   RN*mommy
    Okay, so I'm not crazy. Thank you Klone. I've read about so many students who have done this program in 6 months so I wasn't sure why I kept being told by both my mentor and the HAT1 mentor to do my practicum in February.

    Another question you may or may not know the answer to...will they allow you to do your practicum with another class?
  5. by   klone
    Do you mean to do your practicum simultaneously while you're completing another class? Yes, I will be doing that (HGT and EBT). As long as you have finished the first task of HAT, you can start your practicum hours, regardless of how many other classes you are still working on. In fact, I would recommend starting HGT and your practicum hours as soon as you finish task 1 of HAT.
  6. by   RN*mommy
    Thanks again Klone. I just turned in the first task for HAT1 and I'm due to talk to my mentor tomorrow. I'm going to ask to add the practicum on the 1st of November. That gives me 3 months to do the practicum and a month to really crunch through my classes left.

    Thank you for all the information!