WGU MSN degrees appropriate for a Post-MSN FNP program??? - page 2

I'm a Navy Nurse and am trying to figure out options for obtaining my FNP while on active duty. I plan on separating from service in 2017 and with my current work/deployment schedule I feel it would... Read More

  1. by   CaptainCalvin00
    I too am interested in this info. There seems to be no concise thread that covers this. Wondering how successful OP was with splitting the path to FNP like that. (MSN - Post Master's) Any time saved/lost or options limited?
  2. by   indomie23
    Anyone found a list of post master FNP schools that accept WGU MSN grads?
  3. by   carefulcare
    following this post. ( just started the pre-licensure BSN program
  4. by   bryanleo9
    There are many posts on this site stating which schools accept WGU masters. I remember reading a post where the person got accepted into each and every post Masters FNP program they applied for with their degree. So many post Masters programs only require the 3.0 gpa. WGU is regionally accredited and accredited by CCNE. The degree is rock solid.