Anyone from New York enrolled in WGU RN to BSN online program???

  1. Anyone from New York enrolled in WGU RN to BSN online program???

    Looking for advice
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  3. by   i.see.youRN
    Well, I am doing RN to MSN, but perhaps I can help?
  4. by   shaN2b
    I was just concerned a little since it seemed no one here in New York heard of WGU at least the few people that I spoke with didn't. I just wanted to do a little research and hear from people in New York
  5. by   featherzRN
    I'm a three time grad and I'm in NY. Saw on our bulletin board the other day that someone at my hospital recently graduated from WGU. We're out here!
  6. by   i.see.youRN
    Many grads in various organizations around me as well!
  7. by   shaN2b
    Yayyyy!!!!!! Lol

    And ill soon be out there
  8. by   shaN2b
    I'm so happy to hear that and knowing that im stepping in the right direction helps put me at ease.

    There are so many RN to BSN programs out there which makes it hard to choose and of course the cost is also a factor; but im happy with my decision.

    Now I'm just waiting for the transcript evaluation and I hope to start soon.
  9. by   CFrancine
    I'm in Ohio but I wanted to say it's growing on the East Coast. I got my first degree two years ago and it wasn't well known. I only heard about it on this site. Now more and more (including a former nurse manager) have attended. I don't know if your workplace does tuition reimbursement. But for me, since my job covered it, I had no more doubts (not to imply that it's not legit if it's not covered. But if your employer is willing to cover it, they have checked it out and approved of it. I refused to pay for a BSN I was being forced to get so that was a deciding factor for me).

    When I was in Vegas a couple years ago, there was a commercial for WGU on the radio! It was kinda exciting for my school to be mentioned outside of my computer!
  10. by   shaN2b
    I'm a new grad and I am currently in the process of completing my employment process so i wouldn't know if they cover tuition for this particular program; but I get your point. I cant wait for classes to start so I can get over this hurdle since a lot of jobs require BSN and experience and always think how am I suppose to get experience if cant get a job genius
  11. by   g8sushma
    I am a NY'er. I just finished BSN. I recommend it to the self starter. If you are a procrastinator do another program.
  12. by   shaN2b
    I don't think I'm a procrastinator at least I hope not lol
    I know what I want so hopefully that drive alone would push me to be successful.

    Thank you g8sushma
    How long did it take you to complete the program
  13. by   g8sushma
    I completed it in 8 months but I wasted two months doing nothing. Hence the comment about procrastination. This program is doable. I liked it. The only thing I did not like was biochem. But that was because you actually have to do real
  14. by   shaN2b
    How many Cu's did you have to complete?