So?? Anyone ready for Christmas yet???

  1. Now that Thanksgiving is gone how many of you are ready for Christmas? All the shopping done? Not any shopping done? Who is skipping Christmas this year? Who works? Who plans to decorate this weekend? Who will be spending Christmas out of town? I will go first and say I will probably have to work Christmas, but I expected that since I am new on the floor but I am not working New Year's, so I will have my holiday somewhere between the 26th and the 31st. I do not plan to do much decorating, that said, of course I will have some lights around the outside fence and house, and the 3 trees too. I know he wants to decorate one for the birds again this year, so he will enlist helpers for that. My meal is another thing, I just do not know what I will be cooking. No more ham, at least, not in a major meal way, so I am thinking a sirloin tip roast. Just a turkey breast, not the whole bird. Lots of veggies, and salads. Many, many sweets but more fruit. I really just want to spend quality time with the kids. I have no real wants this year, so pictures will do fine for me. He says the same thing every year, too but I have bought him a couple of small things. Well, come on, lets discuss our plans. By the way, I hope each and every nurse in WV has a happy holiday season.
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  3. by   tlhubbard
    Have the tree up (went up the Sat after Thanksgiving). Most of the shopping for the kids is done (some more clothes yet to get) Still need to get the parents, an exchange gift, etc. I bake for my family (big Catholic family) I make every household a basket of baked goodies (last year I did biscottis w/ flavored coffee, mini loaves, thumb print cookies, chocolate chip, peanut butter blossoms, fudge, brownies, etc) It's cheaper than buying for everyone (which I would love to be able to do), but this lets them know I am thinking of them and allows me to do something nice). It can be very time consuming to bake all that, but they're worth it. Outside lights still aren't up. Still need to get the stockings hung also. All bought presents are already wrapped and under the tree. Oh yea, still have to get the pets their presents from "Santa Paws" (that's who the gifts have been from for years according to the tag) and of course the pets get some treats stuffed in their stockings too. (hey, they got here by the grace of the same God as the rest of us).

    Emotionally, TOTALLY ready for the holidays. Organizationally, forget it. Not there yet.

  4. by   2003rn
    I haven't decorated yet, my 2 cats tore down last year's tree 3 times before Christmas, I think I'll just get a ceramic tree this year.As for shopping, no, haven't done any yet. I have to work Christmas, had it off last year. I'll probably do my Christmas meal on Christmas Eve. I don't have a lot to buy for, just the kids, niece, pets, parents. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!
  5. by   tlhubbard
    Quote from 2003rn
    I haven't decorated yet, my 2 cats tore down last year's tree 3 times before Christmas,
    I have 7 cats (8 last Christmas) They are fascinated, but I find that it is easier to keep them out of the tree if I keep presents under it ASAP from putting it up. Maybe that will help you out. (or try the spray that they hate)
    Or try aluminum foil around the bottom of it where they try to start to climb. They hate the way it feels on their claws.
  6. by   2003rn
    Thanks tlhubbard, I'll try putting presents and foil under the tree.
  7. by   CrunchRN
    Yep - stuck the lighted deer in the front yard and we were done. Hard year and we had decided not to host the family (all out of state) because our elderly dog (I miss you Roscoe) was dying. It would have been too much for him. We did have everyone last year and did it up. Then Roscoe died, and my husband got a layoff notice. I am really glad we are just not doing the whole thing for this year. We will take a road trip to Galveston, found a pet friendly hotel so our other dog ( thanks la Quinta) can come with us, and will have fun enjoying a new area. It is a huge relief with all the other stuff to not have to even think about it this year. Yes, I will celebrate the season by being greatful for the continued health of our loved ones and by not adding any work or stress to our lives. I am sure next year we will be really into it again.
  8. by   VIRGO NURSE
    I love Christmas!. Last year I was very depressed and on medication with a leave of absense. I had a tumor in my left eye and my vision was blurry. I was so afraid I was going blind. Surgery, steriods ( thank god it wasn't cancer) I slowly mended. This happened nov- feb, so I just sailed through the holidays feeling numb on all those meds. This year I'll enjoy trimming the tree ( doing that this sunday), shopping and wrapping. I can't wait to bake those sugar cookies... my younger daughter loves em`