RN-MSN programs In WV

  1. I am an RN in WV and I was wanting to know about the online RN-MSN programs..I know that WVU has one and Mountain State has the RN-BSN..Is there any other ones that anyone knows about..I wish Marshall had the online but they dont..I live in Huntington WV..Any help would be appreciated.>Thanks
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  3. by   oldnewnurse
    Consider broadening your horizons. Most on line programs do not have different in-state/out-of-state tuition rates and welcome participants from states other than their own. I live in Ohio, and considered several RN to MSN programs settling on Wheeling Jesuit University. There are students in one of my on-line classes from N. Carolina as well as Colorado. I really liked the Indiana Wesleyan on-line program better, eventhough it was RN-BSN and then BSN-MSN. And why I chose Jesuit over it (it was a lot cheaper than Jesuit) was because it required a year of nursing experience before you could begin and Jesuit did not. In reality, doing the two components separately would have been just the same amount of time as the RN-MSN program. I think RN-MSN just looks faster to those of us who have little time (I am almost 60 and a second career RN.) Good luck with whichever you choose.
  4. by   dfurbee
    tessa, I live in WV and am attending the Frontier School of Midwefery and Family Nursing, it is located in KY. There is not charge for out of state tuition, and the teaching staff are reallly down to earth.