Marshall University class hours?

  1. Hi! I am applying for the ASN program at Marshall, supposed to start in January (hopefully). I was wondering if anyone knows what hours the classes run? Like NUR 120 and 220? I know they are 8 hour credits but when do the classes take place? Or does it vary? The class schedule just says "TBA," even for classes that start in August, so it's hard to tell. I'm trying to plan ahead so I know what kind of part time work I can accept.
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  3. by   Redneckmedic63
    if you're doing the asn program, that's done by st mary's school of nursing, through mu. you can contact their office direct to get info about hours / schedules. i found this on the website, with the #'s.

    good luck...

    [color=#00562b]news item [color=#333333]associate nursing program - new class

    [color=#333333]the cooperative associate of science in nursing program program is accepting applications for a second first year class. the application deadline for this second class is august 1, 2008. students admitted for this program which will begin with the spring term must complete bsc 227 (human anatomy) before the spring term begins. please contact the st. mary's center for education school of nursing at (304)526-1423 for more information and to obtain an application.
  4. by   Noryn
    You should probably call admissions and ask. Generally in our state I have not really heard of evening programs. I would bet you need to keep your days open.

    Plan on working weekends, and evenings.
  5. by   tiffany031284
    I started at St Mary's in the fall of 2008 and our class hours was Tuesday 8-12, Wednesday 8-11, and Thursday 7:30-12:39. I imagine your hours will be different though. I would suggest calling Melba Curry and personally asking. She is very helpful and will help you in anyway she can. Just a word of advice, DO NOT be late for class. They mark you tardy if you 1 minute late, which means your absent for an entire hour of theory. Your only aloud to miss 17 hours of theory, then your grade gets drop an entire letter. The program is hard enough to pass without them dropping your grade. But it is an AWESOME program, and I absolutely love it. You are definitely going to a very good school. It is very hard, but I gurantee you'll be prepared for your boards. Good Luck, and if you ever need any help just msg me!!
  6. by   Lilyanni
    Hi tiffany I am applied to the January class and waiting to hear from them. My question is do they use point system or what? And if it was point system what was the numbers like in the past. Thank you so much for your help.