LifePoint plans to sell 2 West Virginia hospitals

  1. LifePoint plans to sell 2 West Virginia hospitals

    LifePoint Hospitals Inc. said it intends to sell two hospitals it owns in West Virginia.

    St. Joseph's Hospital in Parkersburg will be sold to Signature Hospital Corp. of Dallas, and Saint Francis Hospital in Charleston will be sold to Herbert J. Thomas Memorial Hospital Association of South Charleston.
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  3. by   gitterbug
    Knew SFH was going local if possible. What is the inside info on SJH?
  4. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    SJH, well about 15 years ago, used to be the ideal place to work up there. A lot of my friends' mothers worked there and absolutely loved it (had to interview 10 people in the same field for a school project, and compare the answers). Not sure how things are now.
  5. by   gitterbug
    Well when it was sold to HCA, I am sure the place was vastly changed. Low staff ratio, poor equiptment, more emphasis on paper work, less attention to patient care. But, there was a real push on to make it the place to go in Prbg, so why did this not happen. I know CCMH had some problems, with billing accurately and staffing too, so wonder are the people of the area just lumping both of the facilities together and heading on to Marietta, Ohio? I have been told by many the hospital there is VERY good.