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Hi everyone! I just thought I'd start the new State forums off with an introduction thread. Please feel free to reply to this thread if you wish. Otherwise, feel free to start a new topic if you... Read More

  1. by   Nutty RN
    Hello all! I have been a nurse for 4 years. I am an Outpatient Psyciatric Nurse. I love the hours. Monday-Friday, Weekends and holidays off. I had to take a dollar pay cut on the hour, however, it isn't back breaking work and I have my own office. I think it is a pretty fair trade. I am located in Parkersburg, and I hope we can get some good discussion going on this board.
  2. by   barefootlady
    WOW, Nutty RN, that does sound nice. Am looking for a new job right now. I will not however, work for HCA or anything like that bunch of cut-throats again. Nursing here in the mountains of WV is in bad shape. Maybe it is because we are mostly female, but it seems like we cannot do anything to improve our status, or our circumstances. I am so tired of the "just get it done" attitude of administration. I see it over and over again, how we just let administration take the power and we follow meekly behind. No thought as to how some of the decisions will impact our practice and our lives. Does anyone else feel this way. If you do expound and give some ideas on how we can improve our nursing practice. It will be good for us and even better for our patients.
  3. by   Nutty RN
    Hello fellow West Virginia Nurses! I am from Parkersburg. My name is Wendy. I have been an RN for about 2 years and before that, was an LPN for about 3 years. I work in an outpatient psychiatric clinic. I have worked inpatient psych, LTC, Med-Surg, and some Skilled Nursing. I dabbled in critical care pediatrics for about a year and correctional nursing for about 3 months (yuck). I am extremely happy where I am now. It is the ideal job. I work Monday-Friday. Weekends and Holidays off and I have my own office. There was a pay cut from the hospital, but I think it was worth the trade. It wasn't that big of a pay cut.

    Anyway, I hope we can get some interesting discussion going on this board.
  4. by   Nutty RN
    sorry for the double post
  5. by   amyslater
    I feel like a real dope. I posted a thread thinking that nobody from the mountain state had used the board before. I am glad to see that there are some folks out there for me to communicate with. My original thread talked about low pay and the crappy hospital system here in the valley. Anybody have any job leads for a semi-burnt LPN?
  6. by   amyslater
    Barefoot lady,
    I am in Fayette County too. Maybe you can e-mail me with some advice on nursing sometime. Feel free to e-mail.
  7. by   amyslater
    Barefoot lady,
    I see we have the same views on HCA. I was afraid I would get into trouble for mentioning their little hospital in Charleston. I wish you luck on your baylor job in NC. I lived there for ten years and worked baylor in a LTC facility in Kennansville, NC.
    What part are you hoping to move to? Just nosy I guess.
  8. by   Tiffany,LPN
    Hi all my names Tiffany I just graduated LPN school in July and passed my boards in August. I still haven't found a job yet. Anybody got any ideas?
  9. by   barefootlady
    Hi Tiffany, Gee, I don't know where Fort Gay is but did you try LT
    care facilites in your area? I know things in WV are slow. Good luck on your search.
  10. by   WV_heart_RN
    I am in my first semester of ADN in Elkins WV. HI to all
  11. by   barefootlady
    Hello Cos;

    Good to hear from you. Sometimes I think we have no nurses in WV who want to discuss issues. Hope school is going great for you. Let us hear from you soon.
  12. by   WV_heart_RN
    I am a student nurse in WV. I will be graduating in 1 1/2 yrs. I am very excited about that.
    I love this forum. the people are a great help when you have a problem or want to vent!!!
  13. by   WV_heart_RN
    Hey tiffany
    Imy best friend lives in Fort Gay. I wonder if you know her. Last name is Spears??? email me back and let me know!!!