Anyone Work at Thomas Memorial in Sth Charleston?

  1. Hi guys....
    I have a question. I am going for a job interview at Thomas Memorial in South Charleston, WV. My question is this: Anyone ever work there, or know of anyone that does. I looked online and they are needing 54 RN positions, and I thought maybe there is something "major" going on there????? Any help or response will be greatly appreciated. Have a good work day!!!:spin:
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  3. by   Noryn
    To the best of my knowledge, I havent seen a poster here within the past year that works at Thomas. I have not heard anything about why they would have that many positions open. That is a lot for that size of hospital but looking on their site there arent that many RN openings--about 35-40 and several are part time or temporary. They have also bought another Charleston hospital, St Francis so maybe there are openings over there as well.

    I have heard quite a few nurses going from Charleston to Huntington to work as the pay is better. I have also had a few friends to work at Thomas and they didnt say anything horrible. I think it depends on what floor you work, if you work on a med surg type floor at any hospital you are going to be running yourself to death.
  4. by   blueheaven
    I interviewed and toured at Thomas 6 years ago and since it is a smaller facility than CAMC there will probably be a bit of a salary difference but they were going to work with me on scheduling since I would be commuting from Huntington (2-16s) I'm sure like all hospitals they have their good units as well as the "units from hell"
  5. by   barefootlady
    Some of their openings may be a result of acquiring St. Francis hospital about a year ago. St Francis has always posted opening in the paper over the last year. It was a HCA facility and chronic low staffing was an issue there.
  6. by   Monica D
    Obviously, since I'm now in NS, I didn't work there as a nurse, but I worked there about 6 yrs. ago as a phlebotomist and the pay there was higher than at CAMC and when I interviewed I was told that they were in the process of raising it more in competition with CAMC. I would think that would have applied to RNs salaries as well. Again, that was 6 yrs. ago and I'm not sure if anything has changed since then or not.