1. I am about to "burn-out" from my current job. All summer I have had two full timers off due to injuries. I have averaged 60-70 hours a week and am tired. When I started back to school, 1 of them came back, easing the situation some but not much. This person has decided that he "doesn't want to work any O-T" and has put in his resignation...effective immediately. I am having trouble "juggling" my time between school/work/home. I have 185 hours of sick time,160+ hours of vacation but, vacations are "frozen" due to lack of personnel. As manager, would it be "ethical" to come down with the "blue-flu"? Or, should I just put in my resignation also? I have been there 3+ years and USED to enjoy going to work. <SIGH> I am getting tired.
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  3. by   Blackcat99
    Yes you have earned your right to your "sick time" and you shouldn't feel guilty for using some of it. If you are thinking of leaving your job by all means start using up your sick time before you leave.
  4. by   directcare4me
    I am not nor have never been a manager, but I think that you are definitely due for some time off, however you can get it. If you don't take some time, you will be sick soon. Stress and exhaustion are the perfect set-up. Your responsibility is to take care of yourself first; you might even feel differently about quitting after taking a break for yourself.

    IMHO, though, unless I saw the situation improving soon, I would be looking for other work.
  5. by   NeuroICURN
    I agree with the other posters. Sometimes we all need some "mental health time". Also, if you don't start relaxing and doing some destressing, it will start to affect your health. There's no job worth that.

    Hope everything works out. Keep us updated.